Gianni's concerts agenda

April 22nd 2006 : "Le Barabulles" bar in TROYES (Aube) at 7:00 pm

May 13rd 2006 : "La Chaumine" bar in CHAUNY (Aisne) à 7:00 pm

June 23rd 2007 : "La Chaumine" bar in CHAUNY (Aisne) at 7:00 pm

December 15th 2007 : "Le Relais" bar in TOURCOING (Nord) at 7:00 pm

June 21st 2008 : 8 may 1945 Place in WILLEMS (Nord) at 7:30 pm

Septembre 21st 2008 : School restaurant in WILLEMS (Nord) at 4:00 pm


 June 26th 2009 : Rue Eleyne in PHALEMPIN (Nord) at 7:30pm

August 21st 2009 : Ayguade Beach in HYERES (Var) at 9:00pm

November 20st 2009 : "Le Relais" bar in TOURCOING (Nord) at 7:00 pm

January 15th 2010 : Private party rue Houte in HALLUIN (Nord) at 6:00 pm

February 11th 2010 : "Le Comedia" Bar-Pizzeria in LILLE (Nord) at 9:00 pm

May 14th 2010 : Contest in the Music Store MILONGA in VILLENEUVE D'ASCQ (Nord) at 7:00 pm 

May 16th 2010 : Private show in PHALEMPIN (Nord) at 2:00 pm

June 6th 2010 : Private show in LIEZ (Aisne) at 2:00 pm

June 21st 2010 : Music celebration near the Cathedral Place in LAON (Aisne) at exactly 7:00 pm


August 8 to 14th 2010 : 2010 "Ouestival" Tour on the French Atlantic coast

- August 8 and 9th août in DAMGAN (Morbihan) at 9:00 pm

- August 10th in ARZAL (Morbihan) at 9:00 pm

- August 11th in AMBON (Morbihan) at 9:30pm

- August 12th in GUERANDE-SANDUN (Loire atlantique) at 9:00pm

- August 14th in SOULAC-SUR-MER (Gironde) at 9:00pm


August 29th 2010 : Private show in CAUMONT (Aisne) at 2:00pm

February 12th 2011 : Private show in AUTREVILLE (Aisne) at 8:00pm

May 21st 2011 : "Le Central" Bar-Brasserie in CHAUNY (Aisne) at 9:00pm

June 25ft 2011 : Music celebration at the "Espace Musique" in CHAUNY (Aisne) at 8:30pm

July 9th 2011 : Private show in NOAILLES (Tarn) at 8:00pm


August 6 to 12th 2011 : 2011 "Ouestival" Tour on the French Atlantic coast

- August 6th in BLANGY LE CHÂTEAU (Calvados)

- August 7th in HOULGATE (Calvados)

- August 8th in ERQUY (Côtes d'Armor)

- August 10th in PLOUHA (Côtes d'Armor)

- August 11th in PLOMODIERN (Finistère)

- August 12 in GUERANDE - La Baule (Loire Atlantique)


August 28th 2011 : Private show in ENNEMAIN (Somme) at 2:00pm

March 17th 2012 : "Music School" in CHAUNY (Aisne) at 8:30pm

August 7th 2013 : Private show in Tannroda (Germany) at 8:00pm

June 21st 2014 : Music celebration at "Le Chaudron" Bar and restaurant in TERGNIER (Aisne) at 8:00pm

July 25th 2014 : "L'entre-deux" restaurant in RONCQ (Nord) at 8:00pm

August 16th 2014 : Private show in TANNRODA (Germany) at 8:00pm

August 21st 2014 : Private show in CORMONS (Italy) at 8:00pm

October 25ft 2014 : "Trimstone Manor Country Hotel" in TRIMSTONE (UK) at 9:00pm

June 7th 2015 : Private show in BICHANCOURT (Aisne) at 3:00pm

June 20th 2015 : Music celebration. Private show in Sinceny (Aisne) at 8:30pm








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