All about me


A songwriter, composer and singer, I live in the North of France near Lille.

I write Pop-Rock music and lyrics.                                             

I've just completed my 1st album named "Le jour où tout finit". It includes 12 songs.

You can buy this album by clicking HERE and fill the demand form (only 10 € + post fees). You can also buy it with a secured payment when you go to the album listening page of this web site.

Up to now, I've been alone on stage during my concerts. I use a sampler / loop station to fill in my songs with live music loops.

I am looking for musicians to join me during my concerts (bass, guitar, drums, keyboard, choirs...).


I also perform Pop-Rock covers for music entertainments during private parties (events, celebrations...).

Please click HERE to know more about music entertainments.

 Benjamin DESCAMPS often plays the keyboard and/or Florence LEMAIRE sings with me during these entertainments.


I can provide your parties with sound and light stage equipments as well, with or without ingeneery.

Please click HERE to know more about stage equipment.



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